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Automatic Process Laboratory

Patented plug-and-play analytical technology
Re-uses existing laboratory calibrations
Integrated quality reporting software

Automatic Process Laboratory

The CHECKMASTER™ is a patented robot-operated laboratory which can be used both in process and laboratory environments. The automatic plug-and-play process laboratory includes best practice bench-top instruments such as NIR. By re-using existing calibrations, the CHECKMASTER™ provides accurate analysis of feed & food products before, during and after manufacturing, all without human interference.

The implementation of the CHECKMASTER™ technology in our production, automates several of our laboratory analysis routines. This result in an increased analysis frequency which provides a superior understanding of the product quality for a complete manufacturing order. Analytical values are automatically transferred to both our operators as well as our ERP-system. ATLINE has done an excellent job in developing and customizing the CHECKMASTER™ to our products and manufacturing process, with great focus on cooperation and service.

Jacob Mikkelsen,

NIR Specialist & Data Scientist, BioMar A/S

Product categories subject to analysis by the CHECKMASTER™

Aquatic feed

Pet food



Snacks & cereals





The CHECKMASTER™ is a patented laboratory technology which, by means of robot technology, automated standard bench-top analysis instruments subject for, amongst others, Near Infrared Spectroscopy. The ATLYTICS software program ensures total quality analysis reporting and presentation during manufacturing.


  • Re-uses ALL existing calibrations
  • Fully automated NIR analysis including grinding
  • Physical product analysis

Automated bench-top NIR analysis

Automated bench-top NIR analysis without human interference. The technology includes grinding of product samples, interfacing with the NIR instrument and calibration software as well as washing and drying of the sampling cup. ALL existing calibrations are re-used.

  • Re-uses existing NIR calibrations
  • Sample grinding
  • Cup washing
  • Controlled compaction of sample

Quality Reporting Software

The ATLYTICS™ quality reporting software is an integral part of the CHECKMASTER™. The software monitors that the product being manufactured is within the specified minimum & maximum tolerances. Both the laboratory and production staff are consistently notified if potential analytical parameters are not complied with.


  • Total analytical overview for operators and the laboratory while manufacturing
  • Alarms are raised if analytical values are not within specifications
  • Quality report including KPI for all analytical values

Physical Product Analysis

The CHECKMASTER™ is configurated with multiple sensors and vision cameras enabling the machine to conduct physical product analysis. The vision systems are supplied with plug-and-play ATLINE algorithms for checking specific properties of the food & feed product. Examples of physical product analysis parameters are bulk density, texture, sizing, colour, hardness, water activity, odour, durability, dust, tapped density and much more…….

  • Total analytical overview for operators and laboratory while manufacturing
  • Alarms if analytical values are not within specifications
  • Final quality report

Automatic sampling & conveying

During production samplers installed at specific control points will automatically collect product samples according to pre-set timers. The product samples are collected and conveyed to the CHECKMASTER™ for analysis.

  • Sampling technology installed at HACCP
  • All advanced hardware supplied by


The CHECKMASTER™ provides accurate analysis feedback both before, during and after completion of an order. The feedback is used to predict process performance, to control moisture after drying and cooling, thus nutrient balance, as well as to check that all analytical values for a given product comply with specifications. All of which results in substantial savings with a typical payback period of 4-18 months


  • Reduces rework and claims
  • Reduces nutrient give-away
  • Optimises process equipment performance
  • Typical payback period of 4-18 months