At ATLINE, we believe that experience combined with process and product analysis has an ever-increasing justification in feed and food production. Optimised product quality generated by means of reliable analysis optimises the strategic goals of our customers in the form of lower production costs, less human interference and reduced waste and, thus, a reduced carbon footprint. Our long-established experience in the production of feed and food products makes us a unique sparring partner and enables us to work with our customers in confidence and focused on improvements.

Our mission

Product quality optimisation is our core mission. If we can support our customers in the first-time-right strategy, we contribute to improved, environmentally friendly process operations. We offer our services with the mission to actually make a difference!

Our values

  • First movers – Because we want to differentiate and make a difference
  • Flexibility – Because we want to make fast changes for our customers
  • Knowhow – Because we have been in the business for several decades.


One stop – One shop

ATLINE offers all services required in order to execute a CheckMaster™ project. We offer both hardware and software services and can furthermore manage the entire project, there is thus no need for third party involvement.


  • Project Management
  • All hardware & software solutions offered by ATLINE