Develop Innovative Technology

From an idea to high performance process equipment

Process Equipment Innovation

ATLINE has more than 25 years’ experience with the development of complex special-purpose machines aimed at the processes involved in the production of feed and food products. We ensure a professional process from identification of need to implementation and that customer retains the knowhow relating to the specific process machine. We handle all aspects of the R&D project, to include statement of idea, development, manufacture, installation, testing, control system and training the customer’s production staff.

ATLINE offers

  • A unique team that understands how to collaborate with the customer to turn an idea into a finished and implemented process machine.
  • Needs assessment to ensure that the customer’s concrete problem will be solved after implementation.
  • 100% ownership of the task without the involvement of the customer’s operational resources.
  • Project management from idea to hand-over of the finished process machine, to include full documentation and compliance with all rules, regulations and standards.

Project Analysis

  • Actual process requirement from the customer and proposed solutions to solve this or these.
  • Savings analysis which sets out the annual reductions in production costs if the project is completed.
  • Total project costs for completion of the project.

Project Execution

  • From idea to finished machine, to include control system and documentation complying with industry standards and regulations.
  • Preparing a general business case to include requirement specifications, project budgets, savings by way of ROI calculations.
  • Total project management control without day-to-day involvement of the customer.

Project Implementation

  • Training of production staff to ensure the correct use of the implemented technology.
  • Documented improvements achieved by the implemented new process technology.
  • Documentation that the new technology lives up to the customer’s expectations in terms of requirement specification.
  • Ensuring that the new process technology is fully accepted by the production staff, thus ensuring full ownership.