Reduce Operation Costs

Optimise your key process equipment and operator skills

Process Optimisation

ATLINE has significant process experience with the production of extruded feed and food products. We carry out a detailed review of the process and make recommendations for improvements to both production capacity and production quality. All with a view to reducing operating costs.

ATLINE offers:

  • Reviewing processes with a view to identifying critical processes, which may be optimised
  • Reporting, to include proposed optimisation
  • Preparing business case for optimisation projects, to include ROI calculations
  • Controlling and operational implementation with a view to optimisation.
  • Training production staff.

Project analysis

  • Report which highlights and emphasises the actual problems and defines where the process may be optimised.
  • Proposed solutions to actual problems which may be by way of simple improvements or by the implementation of new technology.
  • Plan of priority for implementing solutions, thus ensuring that the most essential problems are solved first.
  • Savings analysis which sets out the annual reductions in production costs.

Project implementation

  • Preparing a general business case to include requirement specifications, project budgets, savings by way of ROI calculations.
  • Sourcing and implementation of potential essential process technology.
  • Training of production staff to ensure the correct use of the implemented technology.

Project Completion

  • Documented improvements achieved by the implemented improvements.
  • Ensures that potential suppliers have fulfilled his obligations in relation to the requirement specification.
  • Ensures that the improvements are fully accepted by the production staff, thus ensuring full ownership.
  • Ensures the ownership of the production staff, thus ensuring that the implemented improvements or new technology generates the predicted ROI for the customer.