Improve Product Quality

Product quality analysis

Product Quality Analysis

In collaboration with the customer, ATLINE localises where the product quality may be optimised. We recommend and implement the specific process analysis instrument which will improve the customer’s product quality. An improved process analysis will lead to:

  • A reduction in products rejected due to quality issues, whether during the internal quality assurance (laboratory) or by the end customer.
  • 24-7 product release from production. Finished products need not approval from the internal quality assurance prior to release.
  • Enhanced process feedback on the actual product quality, frees up operator time allowing for the optimisation of other tasks.

Product Analysis

  • Report which highlights and emphasises the actual problems and defines where Critical Control Points are needed to optimise product quality.
  • Proposed solutions to actual problems in which the possible process analysis instruments are described.
  • Plan of priority for implementing solutions, thus ensuring that the most essential problems are solved first.
  • Savings analysis which sets out the annual reductions in production costs.

Project Implementation

  • Preparing a general business case to include requirement specifications, project budgets, savings by way of ROI calculations.
  • Sourcing and implementation of the essential process analysis instruments.
  • Training of production staff to ensure the correct use of the implemented technology.

Project Completion

  • Documented improvements achieved by the implemented process analysis instruments.
  • Ensures that the process analysis instrument supplier has fulfilled his obligations in relation to the requirement specification.
  • Ensures that the process analysis instruments are fully accepted by the production staff, thus ensuring full ownership.
  • Ensures the ownership of the production staff, thus ensuring that the implemented technology generates the predicted ROI for the customer.