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Automatic Process Laboratory

No human interference
Re-uses existing calibrations
Accurate analytical values

Comprehensive laboratory technology

The CheckMaster™

The CheckMaster™ is a robot-operated laboratory which can be used both in process and laboratory environments. The automatic plug-and-play laboratory provides accurate analysis of feed & food products before, during and after production.

  • Reduces rework
  • Optimises process equipment
  • Reduces nutrient give-away
  • Automatic product release
  • Automatic creation of quality reports
  • Reduces resources

Product categories subject to analysis by the CheckMaster™

Aquatic feed

Pet food



Snacks & cereals




Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Install samplers at any critical control point throughout the process flow. The CheckMaster™ automatically ensures that sampling is conducted at pre-set frequencies and develops a quality report for each sample.

  • Automated sampling technology installed at all HACCP
  • Integrated vacuum conveying & receiving system
  • Alarms are raised if analytical results do not comply with specifications
  • Quality analysis report continuously created during production

Raw material intake analysis

Analysis at raw material intake can be entirely automated by means of the CheckMaster™. Samplers are placed at preferred locations and will automatically sample and analyse a specific raw material during unloading from either trucks, ship or trains.

  • Automated sampling and analysing during unloading
  • Alarms are raised if an analytical result does not comply with specifications

Product analysis during manufacturing

During the entire manufacturing process samples can be conveyed to the CheckMaster™. A reliable NIR system and comprehensive physical product analysis ensure that accurate information is provided thus finetuning the essential process equipment


  • Extrusion or pelleting optimisation
  • Meal mix analysis
  • Drying and cooling moisture control

Quality analysis prior to packing

Finished product being packed or loaded is analysed, thus ensuring that all essential nutrient and physical parameters are within specifications.

  • 24/7 product release without human interference
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Minimises recalls

Laboratory analysis with the CheckMaster™

The CheckMaster™ may always be operated manually, subject to laboratory installations. Samples are prepared in a standard NIR sampling cup and by means of an ID number, the sample is automatically analysed. Up to 24 samples can be stored and analysed when using a storage cup carrousel.


  • Up to 24 sampling cups may be automatically analysed
  • Automatic creation of quality reports for each sample



The CheckMaster™ releases multiple laboratory and production resources and carries out analyses at substantially higher frequency. Products not within specifications are detected at an early stage during manufacturing, thus reducing rework and overall operating costs. Substantial savings and efficient Return On Investment (ROI) are thus achievable.

  • Reduces operator resources
  • Reduces laboratory resources
  • Reduces nutrient give-away
  • Reduces rework

Plug-and-play technology

The CheckMaster™ can be installed and operational within less than 24 hours. Connect to utilities and the machine is ready to perform analysis. Training in the operation of the machine is very limited as no calibration is typically required.