Automatic bench-top NIR analysis

Integrated grinding system
Re-uses existing laboratory calibrations
Washing system for contaminated sampling cups

Automation of bench-top NIR instruments

Standard bench-top NIR instruments can be automated by means of the robot laboratory. All time-consuming preparation of samples such as grinding, compaction and cleaning of the sampling cup after use is executed automatically.

  • Re-uses existing calibrations
  • Integrated grinding technology
  • Controlled compaction force available
  • Integrated washing technology for sampling cups
  • Sample cup carousel for up 24 sample cups

Software interface

The CheckMaster™ interfaces with the NIR calibration software, thus making it very easy to transfer calibrations and configurate the NIR instrument remotely


  • Supports NIR instrument network solutions
  • Global support via remote access

Automatic grinding of samples

The integral patented grinding system is a unique and flexible knife mill design. Individual customer-made grinding sequences can be configurated per product shape, size and texture.

  • Multiple grinder blade designs available
  • Supports grinding of products with up to 42 % fat
  • Adjustment of speed, time, volume etc. per product
  • Supports grinding of product sizes up to 25×25 mm (1´x 1´)

Automatic washing of sampling cup

The sampling cup glass transparency is analysed by means of vision technology prior to a new NIR analysis. If the transparency of the glass in the sampling cup does not fulfil requirements, a washing procedure is completed.

Level check in sampling cup

Prior to performing a NIR analysis, the level of product in the sampling cup is analysed. In the event that the product filling level is not met, the sample will not be analysed thus preventing a false analytical result.

Central NIR competence centre

The robot laboratory can support a global calibration network as all machines can be monitored via a global control centre. The Atlytics™ software program enables NIR users to compare NIR spectrums during the manufacturing process by means of both the NIR software as well as the Atlytics™ software.