Automatic sampling, conveying, packing & labelling of product samples


An inline sampler will collect a product sample from a process line on demand. PackMaster™ will receive the product sample to be packed, sealed and labelled with a flexible choice of information such as date, time, MO number, LOT number etc.

  • Inline sampling and conveying of product to PackMaster™
  • Automatic packing, sealing & labelling of the sample bag
  • No human interference involved in product reference packing process

The technology

The PackMaster™ product sample to be packed is requested via the plant ERP/MES/LIMS. When requested, a product sample from the product flow will be collected and conveyed to the PackMaster™ by an inline product sampler. A sample on-the-fly can avoid the requirement for composite samples, as more individual samples can be taken with a unique time stamp. A reference product sample can furthermore be conveyed to the CheckMaster™ subject to NIR analysis. It will therefore be possible to obtain an automatic reference sample for each analysis conducted.

Automatic packing

The PackMaster™ consists of a standard commercial automatic bagging machine, controlled and fed by ATLINE. When a label and product sample are prepared, the bag will be positioned, filled and labelled.

Packing material

Pre-made bags on a roll are used only when sealing is required. The packing material can be supplied in multiple qualities and thicknesses depending on the specific requirement.

  • Thickness of film: 25-100 micron
  • Bag length: 250-500 mm (10-20”)
  • Bag width: 250 mm (10”) fixed
  • Bag material: PE


A specific label design can be used according to customer requirements. A unique label is printed for each sample bag. Label sizes depends on bag size, but typical label sizes are 25×50 mm (1”x2”) or 50×100 mm (2”x5”)