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Quality Reporting Software


The ATLYTICS™ quality reporting software package is designed with the objective of supporting both the manufacturing process team as well as the laboratory team with actual analytical results before, during and after manufacturing.

Total quality control during manufacturing

Operation and laboratory resources can access the ATLYTICS™ software from either a PC, TV, phone or tablet and the actual quality, including images, can therefore be continuously monitored. Alarms are raised with both the operating staff as well as the laboratory with respect to analytical parameters which are not within tolerances.

  • Alarms are raised for products not complying with specifications
  • Results and images available from anywhere

Product quality reporting

After each completed order, the ATLYTICS™ software creates a report which is exported to the customer’s ERP system. The report contains, amongst others

  • Quality control report for each production order
  • KPI reporting on all essential analytical parameters

Check actual quality from anywhere

The ATLYTICS™ software can be remotely accessed from anywhere, enabling both production and laboratory resources to be consistently updated with respect to actual quality of the produced feed & food.


  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Wi-fi integrated

Trends & images

During manufacturing, the development of each analytical parameter may be monitored. Analytical parameters outside specifications will be visible. Images are taken and displayed for each analytical parameter.

  • Trend curves for each analytical parameter
  • Images available for all relevant analytical parameters

ERP interface

The ATLYTIS™ software communicates directly with the customers ERP system subject for information such as order number, product name etc. This allows the CHECKMASTER™ system to operate without any form of integration with the local SCADA system.

Quality notification

During operation, the analytical specifications for each parameter may be checked. If an analysed parameter does not comply with the tolerances, an alarm is raised with both the operator as well as the laboratory.

Machine learning based upon BIG DATA

The ATLYTICS™ software provides big data to our customers, thus enabling them to optimise essential process equipment. One set of data can include up to 300 values subject to optimisation as well as machine learning.


  • Up to 300 values in one data set
  • Develops machine learning based upon big data
  • Optimises essential process equipment