Quality Reporting Software


The Atlytics™ quality reporting software package is designed with the objective of supporting both the manufacturing process team as well as the laboratory team with actual analytical results before, during and after manufacturing.

QA reporting

After each completed manufacturing order, the Atlytics™ software will create a QA report, which is exported to the ERP/MES system. The QA report includes:

  • All analysed data
  • Information for analytical data which does not comply with the minimum and maximum specifications
  • Big data CSV file
  • Trend curves
  • Images of the product prior to each analysis
  • KPI values

Analytical trends & images

During manufacturing, the development of each analytical parameter will be displayed in form of a trend curve to the operator, laboratory and management if required. For each analytical parameter, an image of the product will be taken and displayed.

  • Trend curves for each analytical parameter
  • Live HD colour image prior to each analysis sequence

QA quality notification during manufacturing

Analytical results outside minimum and maximum specifications will be visible and an alarm provided allowing either operation or laboratory resources to take process action.

  • Alarms for analytical parameters out of specification
  • Trend curves for each analytical parameter


The Profit-Loss feature provides information on whether a manufacturing order has generated profit or loss. By benchmarking the formulated nutrient balance of the feed or food product versus the actual analysed final product, the Atlytics™ software will provide a total profit or loss value at the end of the manufacturing order.