Inline sampling, conveying & centralized product sample pick-up


The ReferenceMaster™ system is designed for automatic sampling, conveying and product pick-up. A centralised collecting location can be allocated for manual product pick-up at a manufacturing site. Each production line can have its own reference pick-up station or one common pick-up station. The ReferenceMaster™ system can be combined with ATLINE CheckMaster™ & PackMaster™ systems, or operate as stand-alone system

  • Inline sampling and vacuum conveying of product
  • Multiple samplers and reference masters in one system
  • Pre-programmed or forced sampling times

The technology

A reference sample is requested either via a pre-programmed timer or forced by the operator from the ReferenceMaster™ software, or the SCADA system. The product sample is vacuum conveyed to the reference pick-up station allocated for the production line from which it was collected.

Distribution valve

The product sample will pass through each ReferenceMaster™ via the integrated distribution valve. When required, the distribution valve will guide the product into the receiving cyclone for the allocated reference pick-up station.

Bag detection sensor

An integrated bag and box sensor will recognise whether a bag or box is in place or not. If not, the product sample will not be released to the reference pick-up station.

Vacuum conveying

The ReferenceMaster™ is supplied with an integrated vacuum conveying system for remote sample pick-up locations in the processing plant. This allows for full flexibility when product samplers are installed. The vacuum system is controlled from the electrical cabinet, which also is a part of the ReferenceMaster™ system