Inline sampling & conveying

Sampling from multiple manufacturing lines
Install samplers at all critical control points

Sampling & Conveying

The robot laboratory system includes an integral sampling and conveying system. Pre-set timers define how often a product sample from a critical control point must be taken and analysed. Multiple sampler designs are available depending on the product and position for sampling.

Automatic sampling & conveying

During a production, samplers installed at specific control points will automatically collect product samples according to a programmed request. The product samples are collected and conveyed to the robot laboratory™ for analysis.


  • Sampling technology installed at HACCP
  • All advanced hardware supplied by ATLINE

Sampling technology

Numerous sample designs can be selected based upon the specific application and demands for cross contamination and declarations. ATLINE selects the sampler design according to each customer requirement.

  • Cross-section sampler
  • Fixed-volume sampler
  • Free-flow sampler

Sampling from multiple process lines

The robot laboratory can support multiple process lines. Depending on requirement of analytical frequency, up to 10 process lines can be supported by only one machine.