Inline sampling & conveying

Sampling from multiple manufacturing lines
Install samplers at all critical control points

Sampling & Conveying

The robot laboratory system includes an integral sampling and conveying system. Pre-set timers define how often a product sample from a critical control point must be taken and analysed. Multiple sampler designs are available depending on the product and position for sampling.

Automatic sampling & conveying

During a production, samplers installed at specific control points will automatically collect product samples according to a programmed request. The product samples are collected and conveyed to the robot laboratory™ for analysis.


  • Sampling technology installed at HACCP
  • All advanced hardware supplied by ATLINE


The SampleMaster™ is designed to sample & analyse a specific analytical parameter either from a free product flow or from a bin with product. Due to the heavy-duty electrical technology, the sampler will work and operate in all sampling environments. It can be configured for a specific analysis such as:


The ProductMaster™ is designed to sample from a free product flow. The sanitary design ensure cross contamination free sampling of all kinds of feed & foods products